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September 2015

BBC Radio Interview

By | Personal

So this evening I will be interview on BBC radio, I am told that it will be broadcast on all Local BBC radio stations so for me that will be BBC Sussex, from 8.05pm. I believe it is because of yet another cemetery asking people to take down things on their loved ones graves. I find this utterly outrageous for many reasons, the first and most practical is that as far as I no you have to purchase a grave plot…. Yes I mean Pay for that piece of land like we had to.

So is this not then yours to do as you please with? One would assume so.

Secondly and most importantly, for some people this is a huge part of their grief, and people need to be able to grieve in any way they see fit…. It is not harming anyone else. Grief is a horrendous and very complex emotion and anything that can ease this continuous pain is so, so important. That is why I started Gifts for Angels, it brings me comfort to tend Lola’s grave and to put bright and beautiful pieces down for her…. There was nothing suitable to buy when Lola died, the usual grave vases were so dark and depressing and toys would blow away, or would look rather grim after a few days. I wanted something bright and beautiful and Fun just as my darling Lola was so this inspired me to start this business. It’s about offering comfort in times of grief….

Now these products and bright and very lovely, they come packaged in recycled brown boxes and where possible I use recycled paper & bubble wrap to wrap them up, I don’t spend money on beautiful packaging…… It’s about the product, not the wrapping. I support brain tumor research in anyway I can and believe it or not I didn’t start this business to make a fortune! I still have 2 other jobs, which I enjoy very much and they give me the flexibility to work around my 3 surviving children.

Gifts for Angels is very much about helping people with their grief and I have had many emails , FB messages etc from all over England and Ireland sharing with me their stories and I feel very honoured. I have given many products away over the years but I can not do this for every body mainly because posting is so expensive, but I will always be there to support people via FB and phone, because sometimes just being around people that share this dreadful emotion is all you need and this helps me too.

I hope I come across OK tonight I have never done anything like this before but I really do welcome the opportunity. So wish me luck and if you have a spare moment this evening, listen to your local BBC radio station from 8.05pm.