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October 2015

Thank you to my wonderful friends

By | Personal

So last month I turned 40, I decided to have a big party hosted by my lovely Mum at her house. It was great fun and so lovely to have all my friends and family together to celebrate with me. I then went to Paris for the weekend with six of my best friends…..it was hilarious. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in my entire life, well certainly not in the last nine and a half years.
One thing that is a constant in my life, other than my grief is My Friends. I have truly been blessed to have the best friends on the Planet! These people have been wonderful over the years. They have held me up both physically and mentally, made me laugh till I’ve cried and cried till I’ve laughed! I am eternally grateful to them all for their support and friendship. I have had so much fun with them and our ability to Drink, Dance, Talk and Drink some more is quit honestly second to none! Probably not something I should brag about at my age now!

This blog post is dedicated to all you wonderful people that continue to enhance my life, thank you for your wonderful gifts and your friendship.

“Friends are like Wine & Whiskey, the older they get the Better they are”

I love each and every one of you Crazy Bs…….

Michelle X