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Angel Babies

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I recently met with a friend of mine who has just had her 3rd child. Up to this point she had never carried a child to full term and sadly lost her second child due to this reason. She has a lovely daughter and now a beautiful Son. Like most new Mothers she really was over joyed and is loving every moment with her New Little edition. Unlike most New Mothers she told me how pleased she was to get bigger with each month of pregnancy  and despite looking totally fabulous relayed to me how she does not care about her weight,
“If I need to by bigger clothes, then so be it!”

I understand that like my friend there are many Mothers who feel this way, especially after the loss of a baby…. I just wish most Mothers-to-be were not so fixated on loosing baby weight, but instead enjoy the whole experience and realise who lucky they actually are.

This blog post is dedicated to ‘S’ and all those little angles that never got a chance in this life…..
My heart goes out to their Parent’s and families.

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