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I Hate March

By | Personal

So here we are again – March – Spring, the start of New Life and all that ….!

I hate this month, I hate the start of Spring, unlike most people in this country. I know its all about warmer weather, lighter days but for me it symbolises one thing, ‘Sadness’.
Yet again I am consumed with emotion, the heart break  of yet another year with out Lola, it will be 9 years on 22nd that she was taken so suddenly and life as I new it would never be the same .
Her Sister’s continue to grow and blossom and yet I am forever wondering which one of them she might look like now. Her cousins’ and friends have all Started secondary school which I know nothing about.

All that time gone and I am left in limbo, Angry, Curious, Heart Broken basically every emotion I had back then, it doesn’t change, you just learn to wear it better, it becomes part of  ‘The New You’ – that person you have become now born out of grief  not the person you were before…. My God, who was that person? I wish I could meet her again, go back through time and tell her,
“Slow down, take time out  and  Appreciate Every Single moment with those you love because one day…..” .

So today I hate March, I hate Spring, I hate Cancer, I hate Brain Tumours, I Hate Death…….But Grief, well this is part of who I am now. It is always present and always necessary. We have become old friends that are reliant on each other for survival.



Angel Babies

By | Business

I recently met with a friend of mine who has just had her 3rd child. Up to this point she had never carried a child to full term and sadly lost her second child due to this reason. She has a lovely daughter and now a beautiful Son. Like most new Mothers she really was over joyed and is loving every moment with her New Little edition. Unlike most New Mothers she told me how pleased she was to get bigger with each month of pregnancy  and despite looking totally fabulous relayed to me how she does not care about her weight,
“If I need to by bigger clothes, then so be it!”

I understand that like my friend there are many Mothers who feel this way, especially after the loss of a baby…. I just wish most Mothers-to-be were not so fixated on loosing baby weight, but instead enjoy the whole experience and realise who lucky they actually are.

This blog post is dedicated to ‘S’ and all those little angles that never got a chance in this life…..
My heart goes out to their Parent’s and families.

I have found this beautiful website especially dedicated to ‘Baby Memorial Special Gifts’


Happy New Year

By | Personal

Happy New Year to you all…. Gifts for Angels had a great year in 2014 and thanks to the charity ball raised over £6000. for Brain Tumour Research. I hope it continues into 2015. We are looking at changing our website  just a little revamp to freshen things up, and we are hoping to introduce Personalised Precious Plaques.

It hasn’t been easy trying to juggle work, kids and a new job and This blog has suffered as a result, so I promise to try and keep it more regular. With all these changes happening, the one constant in my life is always my Grief, and it continues to form a clarity and perspective of life in general. So I will continue in 2015 as I have done for the last 8 years – being thank full for what I do have in my life, sad for what I have lost and hopeful of what the future may hold.

I wish you all a Very Happy 2015 filled with fun, laughter & good health.
Michelle x